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Dual Shades

Advantages of Zebra Blinds

- Full control over the brightness of a room

- Unique look of alternating bands for a stunning effect

- Extensive collection of textures and high quality modern fabrics

This type of window covering has light filtering fabric that diffuses light with smooth unparalleled precision in order to achieve your desired level of brightness while maintaining privacy. Its versatility, style and dynamism, not to mention it’s quiet and durable high-quality roller mechanism which is guaranteed for life, ensures that this product will be your ally in any room of your home. The hembar that is paired with your shade allows the fabric to flow easily, avoiding stacking at the bottom of the window and out of sight behind the cassettes that is included when fully raised. Easy to maintain, a simple feather duster is enough to clean this window covering. Our products are proudly made here. We aim to meet your highest standards and to provide you the best in window coverings that the industry has to offer.

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