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Safer For Children & Pets

Motorized window treatments are perfect for children’s rooms 

Many homes contain vertical or horizontal blinds – and usually, along with those window coverings (as well as other popular styles) come blind strings or cords to help you draw and adjust your blinds. Although it’s so common to come across blind strings that you may not even think twice about them, they actually post a serious safety issue for children (and pets).

One study done in the United States found that on average, 2 children were sent to the ER every day due to blind cord injuries and strangulations. This is not just a problem for our neighbours to the south. In Canada, there are similar concerns about blind cord injuries. 

Easy integration Into Smart home Systems

Smart home systems are becoming more and more popular. Although some Canadians are still unsure about the integration of this relatively new technology, one study still found that 1 in 6 Canadians now have invested in some form of home automation.  This is especially true for younger consumers between the ages of 18-34; the age group that will soon buy homes or have more recently bought their homes.

As the next generation enters the housing market, it seems as though Smarthome integration will be more and more important. Automated window treatments are one of the best additions to your Smarthome system, as they are a relatively simple technology to adopt and a good way to ‘ease’ into the idea of a Smarthome!

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