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Cellular Shades

Cellular shades fold up along crisp pleats. Cellular shades come in a variety of pleat sizes, colors and light control options from sheer to blackout. They do all that while providing the highest level of insulation due to their honeycomb-shaped air pockets.

Single cell vs. Double cell

Cellular shades are energy efficient because they are constructed with honeycomb-shaped air pockets. These air pockets create a layer of insulation between your window and your room's ambient temperature. Cellular shades are available in single cell (one air pocket) or double cell (two air pockets). Which you choose depends on the temperature extremes that you live with (hot or cold, or both) and your budget. Since double cell cellular shades are more expensive than single cell cellular shades, you'll need to decide which one is right for your budget. For particularly cold or hot environments, we recommend double cell cellular shades because of the high-level of insulation they offer. Over time, double cell cellular shades will save you quite a bit on heating and cooling costs. For more moderate environments, single cell cellular shades are perfectly adequate.


Opacity refers to the amount of light that is transmitted through a given material. When it comes to window treatments, there are four options: sheer, semi sheer, semi opaque and opaque. Cellular shades are unique in that they are available in all four opacities. This means that you could have them in every room. Choose sheer cellular shades for maximum natural light, semi-sheer for gentle light filtering, semi opaque for medium light filtering/light room darkening and opaque for room darkening or blackout. Note that opaque cellular shades, often called blackout cellular shades, are one of the best choices for true room darkening.


Cellular shades are available with three options: top down bottom up, cordless and motorized. Top down bottom up cellular shades allows you to lower the shades from the top, raise it from the bottom or both. This useful privacy option is perfect for bathrooms or any room where you want extra privacy but still want to open the shade for natural light. The next is cordless cellular shades, which eliminates dangling cords which can pose a strangulation threat to young kids and even pets, an important safety feature. The last is motorized cellular shades, which allows you to raise and lower the shade with the touch of a remote control button.

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