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Choosing the right window treatment for your commercial space is an important step just like all the other decisions you make for your business. 

If you look around the room, or perhaps the building or facility you are in, there is likely more than one window! They play a significant role in the space because they allow visibility between the interior and the exterior, add light control, enable a degree of privacy, and serve decor to enhance functionality and aesthetics. 

Continue reading as we walk you through some of the best types of window treatment options for different commercial spaces! 


Retail Stores Window Treatments 

Retail spaces can be a bit tricky, especially since they need to be visible from the outside in, but also provide proper light control and security. They may also have large windows to display items, which means that they would need a window treatment that can regulate the amount of light coming into the store. (Customers want to shop without being blinded by the light!) What’s our verdict? 


Solar Shades for Retail Locations

At Iconic Blinds, we have solar shades that cover windows with a mesh screen instead of a solid piece of material. You can still see through these types of shades, while still minimizing the amount of light that enters. It all depends on how closely the material is woven together that will determine how much light passes through. 

Another benefit of a solar shade is that they block UV rays, which can prevent fading and damage to products or valuables in the space. 

If you also wanted to add branding (i.e., logo) to your solar shades, this is a great way to make the most of available space for advertising and marketing. 


Roller Shades for Retail Locations 

Roller shades are another fantastic option for retail locations as they also provide more light control and privacy. 

Companies with very high windows and need more coverage may prefer roller shades for top portions of the windows. You can keep the shades open on the lower portion of the store window during operations hours, and then lower them to cover the rest during closed hours. 

You also have the option to add company branding (i.e. logo, slogan) on the outside of these roller shades! 


Office Spaces Window Treatments 

Believe it or not, windows are considered a luxury in offices! Natural sunlight can enhance your mood and promote a healthy work environment. However, too much light can also hinder productivity, so light control is still important. 


Motorized Window Treatments for Offices 

Window treatments that are easy to operate are essential for any office, work, or conference space. Having window treatments that can easily be opened or closed with the push of a button adds convenience and efficiency to the workplace. 

In fact, motorized window treatments can be programmed to open and close automatically, allowing light throughout the workday and then enforcing security after business hours. 


Restaurant Window Treatments  

The type of restaurant you have, as well as the direction of the windows in the space, will be deciding factors of the window treatments you need. This must be chosen wisely as the right window treatments should excel in functionality and style. Here are a few window treatment recommendations to consider to give your patrons and team the best dining atmosphere: 


Roller Shades for Restaurants 

If you need to control the light in the restaurant space effectively but inexpensively, roller shades can do the job. Restaurants with televisions or some type of screen will likely need roller shades to prevent harsh light or glare. 

Our roller shades are also quite versatile as they are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures, giving you lots of options to match your restaurant’s atmosphere. Want to dress them up even more? You can combine it with drapes or curtains. 


Shutters for Restaurants 

Shutters may not be suitable for all restaurants, but for some, it could be the perfect touch! Shutters are beautiful, stylistic, and timeless window treatments that add value and style to any window. 

Shutters can be opened or closed individually as needed to allow visibility from the inside out as well as light control. 


Multi-Unit Dwelling Window Treatments 

Multi-unit dwellings require functional window treatments that make you feel at home while ensuring privacy, energy efficiency, and temperature control. In some cases, the units may require multiple treatments to achieve that. 

Lobby areas, recreational rooms, entryways, fitness rooms and other common areas may require certain window treatments for light control and privacy. Lighter, less bulk window treatments will make the space feel larger and more open. 

Essentially, these commercial spaces are meant to look and feel like residential spaces but on a larger scale. Finding window treatments that will make these places functional, efficient, and feel like home is the primary goal. 


Roller Shades for Multi-Unit Dwellings 

Roller shades are a wonderful possibility for multi-unit dwellings because they’re simple and low-maintenance. They are a great base for any windows in a multi-unit dwelling and will provide light control and privacy while allowing more decorative window treatment options to be added to create a unique style for each space. 

Motorization for Multi-Unit Dwellings 

Motorization is an excellent way to add convenience and efficiency to window treatments in a multi-unit dwelling while creating a sleek and uniformed look to a building. Motorized blinds also provide the safety and security that you need, which adds a level of sophistication to the space! 


Hotel Window Treatments 

Hotels need window treatments that are durable and efficient while also being stylish, setting the overall ambiance of the commercial space. Window treatments need to be functional to accommodate the wide range of needs that will arise. They also need to be easy to clean and relatively low maintenance. 

For most areas of hospitality, layering window treatments is a great way to ensure that windows can function as needed while still looking visually appealing. 


Shutters for Hotels 

Shutters are gorgeous additions to any hotel room, lobby, or gathering area. Wood shutters are classic, but composite wood shutters and vinyl shutters are just as elegant and made from much more resilient materials. They are easier to clean and maintain than wood shutters.

Shutters create such a statement that they typically do not need much more decoration, however, curtains, side panels, or top treatments can always be added for a little something more.


Roller Shades for Hotels 

Roller shades are always a simple yet stylish solution for commercial spaces, and the same is true for hotels.

Roller shades are easy to keep clean, durable, and long lasting which is exactly what is needed for areas that see a high volume of traffic. They come in a wide range of opacities from solar screens to opaque materials. With so many options of colors, patterns, and fabrics available, the choices are practically endless.

Roller shades are a great window treatment solution that add functionality and a sleek, modern style. For added decoration, a screen shade can be used in place of a traditional drape or sheer. The roller shade can also be used as a layered blackout option.


Motorization for Hotels 

Motorized window treatments are a fantastic addition for windows that are not easy to reach or are very large in scale. High, grandiose, or out-of-reach windows may still need light control, in which case, motorization is key.

Motorization can also be a great way to synchronize window treatments across a larger area. Hotels that utilize motorization can pre-program all of their shades to raise or lower at specific times, adding convenience and efficiency.



Now that we have discussed some of the different types of window treatments most often used for commercial projects, you might find yourself checking out the window treatments of the different places you visit.

Window treatments play an important role for both commercial and residential spaces and are designed to protect your investments. They add much needed light control, privacy, energy efficiency and aesthetics to all windows.

With so many wonderful window treatment options available, it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly where to get started.

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential window treatments, working with an Iconic Blinds Expert is the best way to take the first step. Our expertise will help get you started on the right path to finding the perfect window treatments to fit your needs, style, and budget. We can also show you some of the exciting new options for motorization and smart home systems.

Call us at (343) 988-1180 or schedule a free design consultation for your commercial or residential space. We are now offering virtual or in-person consultations!

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